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Ibanez electric guitar GRG220PA-RLB


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BRAND                    IBANEZ

MODEL                    GRG220PA-RLB




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Smooth-playing, fast-action neck enhances your speed

A guitar is only as playable as its neck — good thing the Ibanez GIO GRG220PA has a smooth and fast-playing maple neck. This comfortable neck is capped by a purpleheart fingerboard with a super-flat 15.7-inch radius and 24 medium frets, giving you the agility to execute fast single-note runs with ease.

Dive-bomb away

From huge dive-bombs to subtle vibrato to stutter-like warbling, the Ibanez GIO GRG220PA’s tremolo is ready for anything you throw at it. When not in use, the tremolo is solid and in tune; when in use, it does your bidding down to the microtone. Whether you need the trem for cool ’50s-era dips or massive metal dives, the Ibanez GIO GRG220PA is ready to comply.

Gargantuan tonal range

With two Classic Elite humbucking pickups and 5-way switching, you’ll be able to shape your tone any way you like on the GIO GRG220PA. With its sleek visuals and high output, it will forever be known as a rock guitar; however, the GIO GRG220PA’s fast playability and tonal variety make it a great instrument for almost any style.

स्मूथ-प्लेइंग, फास्ट-एक्शन नेक आपकी गति को बढ़ाता है

एक गिटार केवल उतना ही बजाने योग्य होता है जितना उसका नेक - अच्छी बात यह है कि इबनेज़ GIO GRG220PA में स्मूथ और फास्ट-प्लेइंग मेपल नेक है। इस आरामदायक नेक को सुपर-फ्लैट 15.7-इंच रेडियस और 24 मीडियम फ्रेट्स के साथ पर्पलहार्ट फ़िंगरबोर्ड द्वारा कैप किया गया है, जो आपको आसानी से तेज़ सिंगल-नोट रन निष्पादित करने की चपलता देता है।

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