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Core 47 dynaudio


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MODEL                                    CORE 47

BRAND                                    DYNAUDIO

PRODUCT                               MONITER SPEAKER

WEIGHT                                  14.6 kg




  • Powered: Yes
  • Input Types: 1 x XLR, 1 x XLR (AES/EBU)
  • USB: 1 x Type B
  • Power Configuration: Tri-amped
  • LF Driver Size: 7″ Woofer
  • MF Driver Size: 4″
  • HF Driver Size: 1″ Tweeter
  • LF Driver Power Amp: 500W
  • MF Driver Power Amp: 500W
  • HF Driver Power Amp: 150W
  • Total Power: 1150W Class D
  • Frequency Response: 37 Hz – 31 kHz (- 6 dB), 44 Hz – 27 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
  • Crossover Frequency: 475 Hz (LF/MF), 5250 Hz (MF/HF)
  • Maximum Peak SPL: 112 dB SPL @ 1m
  • Enclosure Type: Front Ported
  • Enclosure Material: MDF with Double Front Baffle
  • Height: 9.4″
  • Width: 15.3″
  • Depth: 14″
  • Manufacturer Part Number: CORE-47/L



Designed for every type of studio


·         As the global success of our LYD 48 series has shown, there’s great demand for compact three-way studio monitors. Rooms might be getting smaller, but we all remember how it was mixing on big three-way mains…

·         Core 47 is designed for maximum flexibility and performance where its compact size and superb midrange detail are desirable. This includes music recording studios, TV dub stages, edit suites, broadcast trucks, ADR facilities, and game authoring suites. It also makes an excellent surround monitor in broadcast and theatrical dub stages – including multi-channel immersive-audio rooms and custom installations.

·         And because its compact size doesn’t diminish its performance either in frequency response or output SPL, it’s incredibly easy to integrate with other Core series monitors in calibrated, multi-channel monitoring systems.

·         Core 47 is a no-compromise three-way professional monitor that delivers the best modern DSP-optimised performance, effortless power, and classic Dynaudio heritage in a compact enclosure designed for every audio professional. This is what performance sounds like.


Under the hood: brains as well as brawn


·         The Dynaudio AIR series was famous for its advanced DSP system. But times have changed, and our acoustic engineers are restless folk… so they’ve spent the intervening 18 years innovating. That’s resulted in some great leaps in DSP sophistication – but also in the way it’s applied in everyday use. You wanted something easier to use, and that’s exactly what you’ve got – with even better performance.

·         We’ve given Core 47 the power to optimise itself for differing acoustic environments. There are three settings: Anechoic, for when the monitors are placed on stands in rooms that have sufficient dampening treatment (such as recording studios and dubbing stages); Desk, for when they’re on a workstation or meter bridge; and Soffit, for when they’re mounted in properly designed wall soffits as part of an overall architectural acoustic design. And that’s not all: you can also set boundary filters that compensate for walls or corners where low-frequency room modes can be triggered.

      Input sensitivity tailored to your studio

·         The noise-floor and signal resolution of any monitoring system is critical to its performance. Whether you’re using the analogue or digital inputs, you need to be able to control the gain staging between the monitor controller and the speaker system. We’ve provided a range of 0dBu to +24dBu to match the input sensitivity to the output level. Once optimised, Core 47 processes all analog signals at a 192kHz sampling rate for the greatest degree of mathematical precision from the advanced DSP processor.

·         When using the AES digital inputs, there are two settings: one to determine which channel (L or R) of the AES stream is used for that monitor, and a second to determine the maximum output SPL. If you want maximum output SPL, set this to 112dB (124dB peak for a pair half space). If you work mostly at lower levels, choose a lower SPL setting to optimise the bit resolution of the AES input for the best linearity.


       संचालित: हाँ

       इनपुट प्रकार: 1 x XLR, 1 x XLR (AES/EBU)

       यूएसबी: 1 एक्स टाइप बी

       पावर कॉन्फ़िगरेशन: त्रि-एम्पीयर

       एलएफ ड्राइवर का आकार: 7″ वूफर

       एमएफ ड्राइवर का आकार: 4″

       एचएफ ड्राइवर का आकार: 1″ ट्वीटर

       एलएफ ड्राइवर पावर एम्प: 500W

       एमएफ ड्राइवर पावर एम्प: 500W

       एचएफ ड्राइवर पावर एम्प: 150W

       कुल बिजली: 1150W क्लास डी

       आवृत्ति प्रतिक्रिया: 37 हर्ट्ज - 31 किलोहर्ट्ज़ (- 6 डीबी), 44 हर्ट्ज - 27 किलोहर्ट्ज़ (+/- 3 डीबी)

       क्रॉसओवर आवृत्ति: 475 हर्ट्ज (एलएफ/एमएफ), 5250 हर्ट्ज (एमएफ/एचएफ)

       अधिकतम पीक एसपीएल: 112 डीबी एसपीएल @ 1 मी

       संलग्नक प्रकार: सामने से पोर्ट किया हुआ

       संलग्नक सामग्री: डबल फ्रंट बैफल के साथ एमडीएफ

       ऊंचाई: 9.4″

       चौड़ाई: 15.3″

       गहराई: 14″

       निर्माता भाग संख्या: CORE-47/L


            हर प्रकार के स्टूडियो के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया

·         जैसा कि हमारी LYD 48 श्रृंखला की वैश्विक सफलता से पता चला है, कॉम्पैक्ट थ्री-वे स्टूडियो मॉनिटर की बड़ी मांग है। हो सकता है कि कमरे छोटे होते जा रहे हों, लेकिन हम सभी को याद है कि यह बड़े तीन-तरफ़ा मुख्य मार्गों पर कैसे मिश्रित हो रहा था...

·         कोर 47 को अधिकतम लचीलेपन और प्रदर्शन के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया है जहां इसका कॉम्पैक्ट आकार और शानदार मिडरेंज विवरण वांछनीय हैं। इसमें संगीत रिकॉर्डिंग स्टूडियो, टीवी डब चरण, संपादन सूट, प्रसारण ट्रक, एडीआर सुविधाएं और गेम ऑथरिंग सूट शामिल हैं। यह प्रसारण और नाटकीय डब चरणों में एक उत्कृष्ट सराउंड मॉनिटर भी बनाता है - जिसमें मल्टी-चैनल इमर्सिव-ऑडियो रूम और कस्टम

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